Sleeping forest

Sounds of nature will heal you.

In modern day living, noise pollution is inevitable. As we go about performing our daily activities, we are often faced with noise pollution from several channels such as cars, friends, colleagues in the office, passersby, clubhouses, churches, mosques and many other places.
This causes a lot of things such as stress, inability to concentrate, tiredness, migraine headache amongst others.
While it is almost impossible to avoid noise pollution, it can be curbed to a great level.The sleeping forest app can do that.

What is sleeping forest?

The sleeping forest is a simple sound generator app designed to help you escape noise pollution.
Just like the name implies, the app produces natural rhythmic sound that gives you peace of mind and helps you have a quiet time.

Features of this app?

The sleeping forest is an awesome application with excellent features that make it unique. Some of its amazing features include:

1. Clear and crisp natural sound
2. Easy to use for both the elderly and children.
3. Beautiful design
4. Small data size.

How does it work?

Using the Sleeping Forest app is very easy and straightforward. Upon installation and opening of the app, you will get a pop-up message containing brief information about the app. Click ok to continue.
The app has up to twelve different sounds which you can choose from. These sounds are a combination of both sounds from animals and nature such as wind and water. You can select any one of them by using the toggle button beside each of them. The application also allows for two or more sound to be played at the same time. This can help you form any rhythm you want.
There is a bottom of the screen that which you can use to switch off all sound at once.
The Sleeping Forest application also have a timer which allows you to control the time at which each sound plays. This timer can be set at 5, 10, 30 or 60 minutes. When a particular sound is selected and a time is set, the sound will play for that particular time and will stop when the time is elapsed. The timer has a release button which resets it.

Benefits of using the sleeping forest application

The sleeping forest app has the following benefits;

1. It helps to heal depression
2. Induces sleep and relaxation
3. Increase concentration
4. It helps to relax tinnitus and migraine
5. It gives help you get a good feel of nature.
6. Stress management.
7. It helps in the management of stress and anger
8. It plays a great role in treating insomnia.

And much more.
If you need something that will give you peace of mind, sweet sound of nature, and help you avoid unnecessary noise, then the Sleeping Forest app is the right pick for you.

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※This application is not medical equipment. It does not guarantee medical effect.
There are individual differences in the effect of this application.


•Mountain stream
•Wild birds


•Calm night




This application is perfect for relaxing mind and body and meditating.









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