Sleeping forest; your must have app


In a Modern society that is filled with series of tremendous noise in the form of horn, an announcement, a radio, a TV, a siren, a crowd, a talking just to mention a few; and your brain is burdened by not only noise, but also a lot of information such as news from smartphone, mail, instant message, SNS etc. Having said that,

You should realize that when your body and mind are tired and you need an app that will drive peace of mind, by helping you avoid unnecessary noise, then the sleeping forest app is what you need.

The sleeping forest

The fact that you can derive tremendous physical and mental relaxation from sounds of nature such as animal sounds, insect sounds, mountain stream and so on. No matter the kind of lifestyle we live, at some point, we all need to relax. Whenever you want to do this, it is best you relax in a soothing place and with sleeping forest app. Not only does this app remind you of the life in the forest, the collection of sounds in it will give you the feeling of resting in the forest surrounded by birds trees, streams and other animals and insect.

Purpose of the app
It aids meditation

This application is an effective application that makes it possible for you to meditate. After all, meditations is more effective when aided whit natural sounds of oceans, birds, tides an so on.

For relieving stress

The sounds of nature and white noise from this applications have proven to be a very influential in reducing or relieving stress. Sleeping forest sound application has a collection of sounds you need to keep the body and the mind in the state of rest amidst tensions and struggles.

For relieving depression

The sounds you will find in this app are so selected in a way that they can cure depression by helping you to redirect your thought and instead of thinking about the negativities, you think about nature.

Aids relaxation

Research conducted shows that pleasing sounds can be very effective in increasing the alpha waves in the brain. (Alpha waves indicates the level of relaxation), this app does just that. The sounds present will elevate you mind to that wowing state of relaxation.


Features of the app

· Relaxed insomnia with rain sounds for sleeping & more.
· Good sleep.
· Relaxation with bird sounds, forest sounds, ocean sounds & more.
· Mindfulness meditation
· Stress management.
· Management of anger.
· Concentration
· Sound Healing

How to use sleeping forest


Just like all other app made by symphony garden lc, this app is one of the easiest to use. Each of the sounds can be played, you can also combine as many sounds as you like to give you your desired rhythm. The “all off button” makes it possible for you to stop all playing sounds. There is also a timer slider that allows you set the time for the app to stop playing. The each sound has an “i” button in front of every sound to tell you about the sound.

The possibilities of this sound app spreads beyond your imagination. By simultaneously playing multiple sounds with this app or combining the sounds of a bonfire, insect barks, deer cry, you will have the feeling of camping in the forest. Also, the sound of the sound of the train and that of the autumn night give you the soothing feeling of a train running over the mountains. With this app, you can feel like drinking coffee in a forest cottage even if you are in a cheap café, you will also have the feeling of staying in a spacious resort even if you are living in thin walls apartments.


When you get back from a really hectic day and in search of something to help relax your mind, body and soul, get down with this app, pick a few sounds and set your timer, there is no better way to sleep or relax than this. Oh, I also need to tell you that with this app, you don’t have to worry about it running down your battery, not only does it have a timer that you can use to predetermine when you want it to stop, the app is also soft on battery as it consumes almost nothing.

Please note that this app is a free app and we don’t generate any income from it except the ones we get from ads, you can appreciate our efforts by clicking the ads.


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