Reasons why the sounds of nature
heal your body and mind.


Nature has always been an enigma to the human mind. We have strived to explore it and reap its benefits since before time. Nature has provided us with various medicine for our bodies but recently it has come to light that nature may also hold the key to the medicine of our souls. The chirping of crickets and the gurgling of a waterfall are known to calm you after a stressful day. The reason behind this has been a topic of research in various leading universities. What makes nature an all-providing healer? Why do sounds found in nature provide the ultimate relief to our minds, and therefore our bodies? These are a few questions that we will answer today.


Over years several people have stated that when we are stressed or working we prefer simple sounds that help us focus or calm us. A huge population reports that they have special tracks of nature i.e. waterfalls, trees rustling, birds cawing etc. these sounds help them relax and focus on tasks for longer. Another way nature sounds are used are to treat insomnia. Insomnia sufferers have it difficult when they are not able to rest when they want to. Nature sounds help bring them to a peaceful sleep within minutes.


How do nature sounds help us relax? Researchers have determined that calming sounds of nature activate neuronal pathways that are directed outwards, in contrast to inwards pattern that is commonly seen in depression and anxiety. Thee sounds have a calming effect on the brain and help deliver the body in a state of “rest and digest” and take it out of “fight and flight:” response. The intensity of these sounds holds a huge factor in their efficacy and helps keep these sounds in the calming range. This particular repose from the brain allows or stress hormone levels to go down, which is a big reason for insomnia. Some people find it particularly hard to wind down after a long and stressful day and nature sounds is the answer to their predicament.


There is evidence that keeping playlists on your phone containing nature sounds such as from the sea or the forest will help you relax if you listen to them before going to bed. One particular thing you must make sure is to turn your phone to silent to remove any disturbances that may occur. This will allow you to sleep peacefully to the sounds of nature. There are several apps that contain nature sounds, one being the “The Sleeping Forest” app, which is specially designed for those who suffer from insomnia. The app contains a variety of sounds found in a natural forest and you can pick and choose or mix the sounds for a calming playlist. An inbuilt timer and optimal sound volume makes this app a pleasure to use and will take care of insomnia and stress related low-mood like magic. Go back to nature and allow you mind and body to heal!


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