Stress management for students.


Students are without a doubt one of the most common victims stress and all the negativities that comes with it. The issues surrounding their finance, workload from school and having to deal with a family issue have an overwhelming and very impending effect on the general wellbeing of the student. A effects of the stress that the large populous of students go through have an impending effects on their health, their state and even their performance academically. Countless time, it has been proven that stress affect the ability to cope effectively and as a result, it needs to be eliminated or alleviated at least to the barest minimum in a student’s life. In trying to manage or cope with stress, countless mechanisms and methods have been developed, in this post; I will share with you the causes of stress and some very effective method that without a doubt will prove helpful in helping a student manage stress.


Causes of stress for students.

The various manifestation of stress for a student can be classified into three major causes.

• There is the social cause of stress, which have to do with the student trying to cope with peer pressure, having to deal with relationship, there is also the problem of having to live a life with or without family members and loved ones around, all these put together can throw a student bare open for anxiety, depression and other problems that comes alongside stress.

• There is also the academic cause of stress. This involves all the students activities of having to deal with strict schedules, assignment deadlines, exam and a host of other academic related responsibilities.

• The daily life of the student is the last classification of causes of stress for a student. If you are or was once a student, you will agree with me that commuting from school to house/hostel, and the financial burden of doing the needful can send a student to a state of anxiety and other stress related problems.


Managing stress.

As previously admitted, there are a handful of method and mechanisms of managing stress for student, here are six of the most effective methods.

Good sleep

Often times, in the wake of really packed schedules, students usually sacrifice their sleep. Now, this is very bad, one thing students failed to understand is that not taking a good sleep at night will eventually throw them into a sleep deprived state; and operating in this state make for less productivity. The first thing you need to do as a student to manage stress is to start by having a good sleep as this will go along way in setting you free.


Bath and drink water

For age immemorial, water has proven to be highly effective in keeping stress level in check, by taking a hot bath and drinking lots of water, the body gets relaxed and the student’s system is put in a state of highly improved academic performance.



Mindfulness meditation, yoga, and a host of others have proven to be a way of wiping stress, helping to discover inner peace despite the stressful vices that surrounds the school and academic environment of a student. As a student, spending a few minutes per day to reflect and then meditate will keep you in check and away from all those vices that surrounds stress.



Taking some time off to get the air and engage in some kind of exercise either sport, walking or dancing rather than staying up and studying all-day is a good way of staying beyond stress.


Engage in something you love

Whenever you feel tense, a good way of getting out of it is to engage in something you like. Some like music, some love painting but I find joy and get cheered up when draw. As a student, whenever you feel stressed out, take a break from everything and do what you enjoy to distract you from the stress.


White noise

Listening to white noise and sounds of nature is another stress reliever. The sounds of nature will help you stimulate your mind and keep you calm in the face of any form of stress and anxiety.

white noise


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