10 tips to protect your body and mind from information overload.


Everyone has experienced it. To some persons, it is normalcy. Ever wondered what it felt like to stay in a class for over two hours and still not understand anything? Have you ever been in situations where you take in so much information that the rest becomes useless (even though they are useful)? The endless tweets on twitter, posts on Facebook, pins on Pinterest, gigs on Fiverr and so on, they are all count! Still confused at my point so far? Let’s talk about information overload. Information overload simply put, is the difficulty that an individual experiences in understanding certain issues due to too much information on that issue. Sadly, this happens to a lot of people without their knowledge. You stand the risk of experiencing information overload. This is mainly because of the stress that your brain goes through in processing the excess information. This article aims to dish out 10 useful tips to protect the body and mind from information overload.

1. Clear your mind
Clearing your mind is pretty easy. This step allows you to make conscious efforts in emptying your mind of the “lump” of information that might be clogging it. To clear your mind easily, experts have suggested following these four options: do it, delegate it, defer it, and drop it. The “do it” option includes the activities that have clogged your mind which you must do. The “delegate it” option gives freedom to pass on the activity to someone else. The “defer it” option basically suggests postponing the activity for something more important. The “drop it” option simply means dropping the activity. The ultimate goal these steps/options is to aid the clearance of the mind in a bid to avoid information overload.

2. Limit your multi-tasking
This is very important. Multi-tasking has a way of causing stress. Yes! You read right. Multi-tasking can cause mental and physical stress. One of the reasons for this assertion is information overload. When multi-tasking, the mind is under duress to store as much information as possible. This can cause information overload and affect the proper reasoning of the individual involved.

3. Face the difficult task first
This is very important too. In fact, some experts have asserted that this is most effective way of avoiding information overload. Finishing the tasking tasks first, allows you to clear your head and face less tasking tasks.

4. Do not waste time on making decisions
You do this a lot, don’t you? Well, you have to stop it now. Every day, thousands of decisions are made by an individual. Wasting time in making these decisions will only cause an information overload. Do you waste time on making decisions? Stop it!!!

5. Take breaks
Relax… calm your nerves. Relaxation is important. The brain works like the engine of cars, sometimes, you just have to take a break and let your brain cool. Not taking break will cause too much stress for the brain and that will affect the proper reasoning/ understanding of the individual.

6. Resist authority
Sounds weird but you have to resist! Yes, resist any individual that intends to take you on a trip to the world of information overload. Many bosses are not aware of the information overload and are guilty of making their subordinates pas through it. Nope! Now that you are aware, stop it: boss or subordinate.

7. Limit your online presence
With the advent of the smart phone, things are now easier. Facebook is now linked with WhatsApp and Instagram. You can view all these social media platforms through your phones. Your smart phones play a lot of roles too. Sending or receiving your emails, checking the news feeds, getting the latest information and many more can now be done all on your phone. Limit your online presence to avoid information overload.

8. Follow the two minutes rule
Even millionaires follow this rule! Wondering what he two minute rule is? It is a rule that guides it’s followers in taking out a particular number of minutes (say twenty minutes) to sort out issues that can be solved in two minutes and actually solve them. This is a very good way of avoiding information overload.

9. Group your tasks
This is similar to the point explained above but however differs in that; this does not only hinge on time but also type. For instance, writing a poem one’s laptop and sending emails can be grouped together since they can be done on the same laptop and at the same time.

10. Use the sound application
Are you wondering how possible this is? Yes, it is very possible. Using the sound application we offer, you can block external distractions which can come in any form, and can cause lack of focus and information overload. To protect yourself from information overload, please use the Sleeping Forest application. Just listen to the sound of this application and relax.
As you repeat such a calm time every day, your tired mind and body will regain health.


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