Benefits of Meditation


The Collins dictionary defined meditation as the act of remaining in a silent and calm state for a period of time, so that you are more able to deal with everyday life. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defined meditation as process of engaging contemplation or reflection. Both dictionaries have hit the nail on the head in the definition of meditation.
Our jobs, relationships and everyday living have made feeling stressed inevitable for an individual. This unwanted feeling has made people naturally turn towards meditation as a way to make their lives better and meaningful.

Techniques of Meditation

Meditation is a very simple process that can be successfully done by anyone. You can choose to practice meditation in the comfort of your home or outside your home. If you prefer the sound of mountain streams or sea, you can try the Sleeping Forest App.

The following are some techniques of meditation:
• Movement Meditation: This type of meditation focuses on body movement rather than the conventional technique that requires stillness. You could keep yourself moving by going for a walk, walking the dog, gardening, cleaning, etc. It is useful for people who find sitting for a long time difficult and people who concentrate more when they are moving.
• Chanting Meditation: This type of meditation focuses the mind on the sound of chanted words. It can help you achieve a peaceful and alert state of mind.

• Mindfulness Meditation: To practice this technique, you have to maintain a straight back and still body. The object of this technique is your breath. You must focus on your breath and bring your attention back to it when it wanders off. It requires that you recognize your thoughts without judging them.

• Focused Meditation: As the name implies, this techniques requires giving a particular activity your undivided attention. You can choose to do a form of exercise and concentrate fully on that exercise – no thinking of laundry to be done, no checking of your email, no answering of the door.

• Visualization Meditation: The object of this technique is an image that incites a particular feeling when is shows up in our mind. You can imagine the gentle movement of stream water, a beautiful flower, an open sky, a pleasant thought, etc. This technique is very good for achieving good concentration, peace and improved creativity.


Types of Meditation
• Progressive relaxation
• Mindfulness meditation
• Breath Awareness Meditation
• Kundalini Yoga
• Transcendental meditation
• Love-kindness meditation
• Zen Meditation


Zen meditation or zazen is one of the easiest types of meditation. Zazen means “seated meditation” and it is done by sitting in a comfortable position and ensuring that the back is completely straight; this position facilitates deep breathing and body balance. As you sit in a comfortable position, you focus on breathing and mindfully observe your thoughts without judging them.
Benefits of Meditation
• It boosts creativity.
• It increases happiness.
• It reduces stress.
• It makes you think positive thoughts.
• It slows aging.
• It encourages a healthy lifestyle.
• It improves concentration.
• It relieves depression.
• It helps you manage anger.
• It gives you a better view of life.


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