What do you know about forest bathing?


Forest bathing doesn’t imply that you have to soap up or take a bath but it gives the kind of relaxation you will get from a taking a bubble bath.
Forest bathing otherwise known as shinrin - yoku is a term used to describe the process and act of taking in the forest atmosphere. Forest bathing is a preventive and healing medicine that originated from japan and is now gaining popularity. Over the years, series of research have being conducted to determine the health benefits of forest bathing, the greater recognition of this highly effective way of staying healthy and the establishment of various forest bathing therapy centers all over the world can be associated to these researches.


A brief description of what forest bathing is

Forest bathing as a healing strategy was introduces in Japan in the early 80s, and since its inception, it has risen to become one of the most established in the world with about a hundred therapy camps established. Recently, some of the health benefits associated to it is being recognized and it is now being recognized for its health benefits. The fundamental principle and idea behind the shinrin - yoku is a simple one, it requires a person to pay a visit to any natural area and take a walk there and do it in a very relaxed and soothing way. Forest bathing, amidst other forest therapy has been recognized as a way of keeping thousands of people suffering from differs breakdown and disorder healthy.
The major aim of forest bathing is to come down into the realm of the natural environment, getting into the forest using all the organs in the body to feel, hear, smell and see the forest and getting rejuvenated while at it. With the ever increasing toll that stress takes in the world, forest bathing can and should be introduced into the health care system to serve as a strategy for reducing and curing stress.


Benefits of forest bathing

Forest bathing reduces the risk of heart attack

Studies into forest bathing have shown that forest bathing has shown to a very significant extent ability to reduce blood pressure, the pulse and stress level and decreases the susceptibility of getting a heart attack. Also, going to a natural forest from time to time have shown signs of anti-inflammatory effect which imminently reducing the risk of having a heart attack.

Forest bathing boosts mood
Not too long ago, a group men with signs of confusion, anxiety and depression were selected for a forest bathing trip, also a few men with similar psychological disorder was sent through an urban setting. On completion of the exercise, it was clear what a walk through the forest could do to the mind and mood.


Forest bating gives more energy and help sleep better

Anyone who embarks on forest bathing trips will agree with me that taking a deep breath in the forest or a natural environment gives them a revitalizing feeling. Forest bathing is a proven way of increasing vigor and providing a good fight against fatigue and weakness and at the same time activating hormones that helps the body get a good sleep reducing stress and keeping the body and mind as calm as can be.


Forest bathing strengthens the body cells.

Studies and discoveries have shown that spending time in the forest smelling, breathing and feeling the forest atmosphere increases the functionality and activity of the NK cells. Forest bathing has proven to be a perfect strategy for increasing the body’s immunity and curing cancer and hastening the recovery process. Moreover, forest bathing also increases the number of NK cells in the body ensuring that the positive impacts of the trip (forest bathing trip) lasts long.

Forest bathing helps reduce inflammation

The fresher air in the forest which is imminently fresher than the one in cities and urban areas, the fresh air around and other compounds released helps purify the air and reduces the risk of lung inflammation. This has shown to be a good way of curing illness associated with breathing such as asthma and COPD. Without doubt, forest bathing helps decrease the risk of inflammation and increase the oxygen intake.

Forest bathing purifies the skin

People with various skin disorders such as psoriasis, eczema and a host of others will benefit greatly from a forest bathing trip. Because of the terpenes amidst other anti-inflammatory compounds and elements released by the trees, keeps the air clean and fit for a more comfortable skin curing all forms of disorder.


Over the years, thousands of people are reaping the benefits of forest bathing by the day, with the ever increasing popularity which this forest healing strategy is gaining, I know for sure that it is something you need to try too and then get wowed by the soothing feeling you get after the experience.

You will agree with me that the tremendous benefits attached to forest bathing is without count and you are encouraged to partake in it but if you are too busy to go to the forest, we recommend that you use the sound application “Sleeping Forest” under the tree in the garden or park.


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