How to practice mindfulness meditation


Mindfulness is by nature simple form of meditation, awareness and the ability to be aware of the present moment with an attitude of openness, curiosity, non-judgment, and acceptance. It has been shown to help reduce stress and improve the quality of life that invites you to be fully present and embody a kind of equanimity towards what is unfolding in you and physical environment. Meditation is a mental training to improve the ability to focus your attention, and control your emotions in every situation.
Mindfulness meditation is one of the mental ways of increasing physical and emotional health in order to grant you sound healing all over your body system when you dwell much on the present moment through a mindful living.
Are you a tired businessman, busy housewife, or busy students who feels depressed because of poor concentration which interferes your day to day routine or study? The following methods has been proposed for you as a solution on forest site which involves a series of steps to get you started in achieving mindful meditation when you take time to fully involve your mind on the present moment to reduce your anxiety, stress, increase focus and give you a sound healing.


• Set a comfort zone and set upright: This is the first paramount step that is necessary by looking for a convenient and conducive place in your home where you will remain focus for the time being. You may need a timer to set an interval for yourself with maximum of 20 minutes. Seat on a chair, stool, or cushion comfortably by establishing your posture with an upright spine. Allow your hands to rest on the knees with palms facing downward in the best posture that is convenient for you. It is not necessary that you cross your legs while you are sitting

• Focus on your breath and relax: Take a focus to your sensation of deep and slow breathing in your body and be aware of sounds around you coming and going out. Let the breathing sensation be whatever they are as they unfold the present moment.

• Maximize your concentration: Close your eyes and drop all your concerns now by helping yourself to realize that you are moving away from worldly worries.


• Focus on breathing counts: Gently count the number of your breathing in a sequence of number bringing the whole awareness to the sensation of your breathing. As soon as you notice that the mind has wandered, simply bring your attention back to feeling your breath and note that by nature, you are bound to forget and should not cause to judging yourself. This can be controlled by returning back your awareness to the breath as many time as you can.

• Reveal your breathing practice: Be conscious of how your breathing process evolve through your nostrils by observing the volume, speed, warmth and sound of the breath traveling in and out. This will allow you to open your consciousness to the simple process of breathing and by nature, you will find it easier to focus your attention on the air as it travels deeper into your lungs.

• Restore awareness to the presence to your thoughts: Try to pull your attention away from your breath and be aware of those thoughts and feelings, wishes, plans, images and memories. This will keep alluring your mind away from your breath.

• Develop a sense of tranquility while settling your breath: Take a moment to notice how you are feeling and any potential effects of your practice before you stretch and move and go about your daily activities again.

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