10 Stress-Busting Herbal Teas


You cannot escape from being stressed in this busy world where people have a pre-occupied lifestyle, causing people to suffer from various diseases in a young age such as anxiety, depression, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.

It is important for people dealing with stress to relax, do regular exercise and take sufficient sleep. Trying natural remedies such as sipping a warm cup of herbal tea can be very relaxing, as herbal teas have properties that can help handle stress.

According to Calm Clinic:

“The reason herbal medicines are so beneficial is because while you use herbal supplements you can also learn valuable anxiety-coping strategies.”
If you want to bust stress, go for natural remedies like herbal teas that are inexpensive, easy to find and have fewer side effects.
Below is a list of 10 stress-busting herbal teas that will bring down your stress levels and help you feel relaxed and calm.

1. Green tea

Green tea is the most commonly used form of herbal tea that contains an amino acid, theanine that promotes relaxation. It treats a number of mental health issues. Many people take theanine supplements to get rid of anxiety and fight depression. Research also suggests that theanine may help lift up your mood, enhance brain function, as well as helps calm the body's response to stress. Drinking green tea on regular basis can result in increased protection against high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

green tea

2. Chamomile tea

This tea is known for its effectiveness in calming your nerves. In a study published in BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine in 2011, Chamomile was found to improve daytime functioning in people with insomnia.
According to a report of scientists, when you stay awake for too long, you start eating too much. There's some evidence that the smell of chamomile might help you sleep more soundly.


3. Rosemary tea

It's important to stay physically and mentally active in order to keep your mind sharp. Rosemary proves beneficial in this regard. Rosemary also helps to elevate mood by stimulating your brain.
A study published in the journal Fitoterapia in 2013 said that, Rosemary helped improve long-term memory in rats due to the presence of various compounds that interfere with the activity of enzymes promoting aging-associated impairment in memory.


4. Catnip tea

Catnip is thought to possess a certain sedative quality that helps to promote relaxation in humans. It is also most commonly used as a natural calming agent for cats (as the name suggests). Catnip tea can likewise be helpful in eradicating headaches by soothing your muscles, thus in turn helping to relieve you from tension and stress.


5. Oat straw tea

Oat straw is more like an all-natural energy booster tea. Troubles like anxiety, stress and insomnia are eased by this tea. It is used as a traditional remedy to calm the mind. This tea combines an adaptogen with calming herbs and is good for calming daytime anxiety, while leaving you attentive and efficient. Use stevia instead of sugar, which can be strenuous on nerves. Instead of using crystallized extract, add a pinch of dried leaf to the tea, and you will avoid much of the bitterness.


6. Valerian tea

Valerian tea is used to treat anxiety and insomnia. It is one of the most popular remedies as it promotes feelings of tranquility and peace. You can drink Valerian Root tea or purchase the supplement as a capsule or pill.

7. Lavender tea

According to a research, the smell of lavender can promote quick stress and anxiety relief. Imagine what myriad benefits it would give if you drink it as a tea. This tea is famous releaser of stress hormones and is widely used in the world.


8. Mint tea

This aromatic tea works magically when it comes to reducing stress. It relieves you from anxiety just as quickly as you desire. Peppermint contains a natural muscle relaxant called menthol. When you’re stressed out or anxious, you tend to feel very tense and irksome but drinking peppermint tea will help your nerves calm.
Mint tea is a wonderful tea to drink before going to bed because of the relaxing effect of peppermint tea and its lack of caffeine. It will relax you without disrupting your sleep. It will help you have a peaceful sleep, which you surely need after a crazy day.
Warning: pregnant women must avoid drinking it because it may increase the risk of miscarriage.


9. Passion flower tea

Passion flower tea is another splendid natural remedy for stress and anxiety. This is because of the flavone chrysin present in passion flower. It has anti-anxiety benefits that provide immediate relief. It tastes great and smells so good. Passion flower tea also helps induce a peaceful and sound sleep.
Warning: pregnant and lactating women should avoid this tea.


10. St. John's Wort tea

If someone is undergoing the health conditions such as anxiety, stress, insomnia, and depression, then St. John’s Wort tea is a must try natural remedy.
James Duke (ethnobotanist and author of The Green Pharmacy) calls it: "simply the best herbal treatment for depression." Low serotonin levels are linked with depression so what St. John's wort does is that it allows more serotonin to linger in the brain which enables the brain to function more actively and efficiently. The herb is also known for lowering levels of the protein interleukin-6(high levels of this protein are also associated with depression).

st. John's wort


Herbal Teas are the one of the best ways to relieve anxiety and bring the stress hormones back to normal levels. It is always enjoyable to simply sit on your couch, sip your cup of herbal tea and feel your stress vanishing as it never existed. A cup of herbal tea tastes better with the soothing forest sounds being listened through the sound application “Sleeping Forest” making you feel like you’re present in the cool and calm environment of the forest.


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